Arne Klingenberg was born in Switzerland (in 1963) where he graduated with tertiary degrees in macro-and microeconomics.

He pursued a successful business career that took him more than 50 times around-the-world; starting out as assistant sales manager flying coach, he eventually got promoted to sales director traveling business, before ending up as CEO in first class. He helped to improve products while talking with factory workers and wined and dined (a.k.a. negotiating) with billionaires.

While traveling for six months a year and living in seven countries, he experienced many cultures, customs and creeds, helping him to unravel some of the mysteries of life, a primary passion since a very early age. He eventually resigned from his demanding position to focus on writing and consulting.

Arne Klingenberg is now the author of three thought to be positive, practical and profound philosophy books about happiness and a myriad of other mind and consciousness matters.

Since 1995 he advises highly accomplished leaders, helping them to solve both personal and corporate problems (in four languages).

Arne and his Japanese-born wife, Miyuki, live mostly in the tropical parts of Australia where they’ve designed and built a fully self-cooling eco-house. For over 40 years, Arne enjoys practicing Wing Chun kung fu (having learned directly from great grandmasters Lo Man Kam and Ip Chun), Nei Gung (an internal healing style taught to him by the abbot of a Buddhist monastery) and a powerful meditation technique he learned from a gifted spiritual healer (the latter two he shared in his first book in 1999).

His latest book – Beyond Machine Man: Who we really are and why Transhumanism is just an empty promise! – delves deeply into topics like philosophy, consciousness, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, transhumanism, posthumanism, mind, memory, spirituality, pharmaceuticals, health, unconscious mind, identity, ego, society, technocracy, AI, robotics, quantumphysics, evolution, life, biochemistry, DNA, CRISPR-Cas9 geneediting, astrophysics, simulationtheory, machineman, homodigitalis, homocredo, homomysticum.

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